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General Psychiatry

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We offer comprehensive psychiatric evaluations and medication management services to individuals needing medication to manage their mental illness. The program provides consultations to primary care providers and coordinates care with other mental health providers. General psychiatry has three sub-specialties - addiction psychiatry, rehabilitation psychiatry and liaison psychiatry.

The work Dr. Rahmani performs within the general psychiatry realm is varied and challenging. It involves participating in multidisciplinary clinical management including team leadership; co-ordinating care for people with psychiatric illness; working with a range of other medical, nursing and paramedical staff. He also works together with statutory and voluntary organizations concerned in the care of people with mental illness.

The advances in treatment in psychiatry on a range of fronts enables those with an enquiring and perceptive spirit to be involved in the forefront of developing new and exciting treatment techniques within psychiatry.

Dr Rahmani specializes in:

  • A capacity to replace old knowledge with new, to develop new skills and adopt new attitudes
  • Calmness with challenging patients
  • A high standard of interviewing skills is essential