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Addiction Psychiatry

Addiction Psychiatrist | Addiction Therapist | Garden City NY

Whether it is alcohol, heroin, pain medications, or even nicotine, overcoming a chemical dependence can be a monumental task. Every year the U.S. government alone spends billions of dollars in various venues to address and treat addiction.

In addition to chemical addictions, behavioral addictions such as gambling, sex, and others are also assessed and treated.

Dr. Rahmani utilizes various treatment modalities to help you overcome addiction. Various medications, motivational enhancement interventions, individual therapy sessions and more frequent sessions with Dr. Rahmani or his colleagues can be arranged to help you overcome addiction.

Disease of addiction has many shades, and each individual can be at a different stage of their recovery. Therefore, if the level of care that you require is beyond the capacity of what can be offered to you in our facility, such as the need for inpatient detox, or inpatient rehabilitation, you will be directed to a proper facility accordingly.